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New updated Beer and Gas Line: Double Wall EVA line,  This beerline has several advantages over traditional vinyl, PE, or EVA and other beer and gas line types.

This Double-Wall-EVA beerline has been made with an innovative double walled extrusion technique whereby we use EVA extruded around the outside of the line and then use an inner wall that uses a special polymer composite that has high density an excellent properties particularlyfor food grade beverages. 

Why Double Walled?

The outer barrier has precisely controlled tolerances so the beerline works well in push in fittings such as John Guest push in fittings or DuoTight Pushln Fittings. The inner barrier wall is made of a special material that has a higher densitythan the outer walI. The inner wall gives the beerline several advantages such as:

1. Superior gas barrier - The inner wall has very low gas transmission rates. Meaning your beverage has less exposure to oxygen, and remains carbonated for extended periods of sitting in the line.


2.  Super Smooth - Due to the high density and surface finish of the inner tube the inner surface is so smooth that it's difficult for bacteria and microbial activity to live in the beer line wall making these lines easier to clean and more sanitary in general.


3. BPA, BPB and Plasticiser Free - Unlike vinvl tubing that always contain plasticisers, EVA Barrier tubing is completely plasticiser and BPA free. There is an increasing amount of evidence showing that various plasticisers have detrimental effect to human health and due to the molecular structure certain plasticisers can mimic human hormones which has links to certain health issues. Many of these commonly used plasticisers were FDA approved however are now no longer considered safe for food contact. So simply looking for "Food Grade" beer line is not necessarily safe from plastlclsers.


4. Kink Resistance-Small Bending Radius

EVABarrier line has better kink resistance and can bend around sharp radius turns without kinks. This improved performance makes it the best choice for beverage tube.


5. Soft- Easy to Stretch over Large Barbs/Nipples

Unlike some other tubing that is very hard EVABarrier is softer and has a low enough glass transition temperature that it can become quite soft with hot water. So you can easily use hot water to soften the hose making it very easy to get onto barbs/nipples. This makes it possible to use even small 4mm lD line fit over barbs/nipples that are as large as 6.5mm OD.


4mm X 8mm: http://www.amco.hk/Product/detail/id/621

5mm X 8mm: http://www.amco.hk/Product/detail/id/620

6mm X 10mm: http://www.amco.hk/Product/detail/id/622



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